Monday, August 19, 2013

Every Dog Has Her Day #GetOnTheShelf

Last week, Precious and I headed over to the local NBC station to interview for the segment you see above.   Of course before we left, we had to take a few photos to mark to occasion.  Afterwards, Precious was rewarded with a trip to the park to chase squirrels and roll around in a dead worm.

This could be a part of the series: Other things I've been on.. 
Thanks for my voting to help my books get on the shelf.  Please vote daily through Sept. 2.

Want to share on your site or podcast.  You can send people to  It will forward to the voting page.

Other things I've been on #GetonTheShelf

I thought I'd share with you other things I've been on.  Clearly, the only thing left is to #GetonTheShelf

I've been on a Lost Dog poster.

I've been on a ladder (or two)

I've been on a treadmill
I've been  under a shelf. 
Now you can vote to help my book Get on the Shelf at Walmart.

Using to help my books #Getontheshelf @Walmart

For a few more weeks, You're going to see a version of my that included the Get on the shelf contest hashtag. I hope you will RT it to help people vote for me to get my books on the shelf. Thank you for all of your support.
I recorded a podcast where I talk about how the content and a different kind of social interaction have helped us in this contest.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nala needs surgery

Hi pals,

Good news and bad news for Nala.  The good news, she doesn't have elbow dysplasia.   The bad news, she has an infection in her bone and needs surgery and extensive  anti-biotic treatment.


Here is the detailed estimate.

Friday, August 9, 2013

#SharkWeek Tweet to Win A Brass Shark Tooth Necklace

We're really going full Jack Russell Terrier to win Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest. Click on the link to vote and share on Twitter. or simply RT this Tweet.
Next Thursday, We'll announce the winner of the brass shark tooth necklace by Sophie Sparrow