Sunday, July 7, 2013

To Barkworld 2013 or Bust by @Imajackrussell

I have great memories of BarkWorld Expo.

My first year at Barkworld Expo was an adventure.   All of those people and and goodies were Pawesome!

I got to meet my pal Niqqi at the first BarkWorld.  We were very excited to see each other. 

Humom talked about my books and how my Twitter Pals helped me along in the process.

My Second Year at BarkWorld Expo was quite the adventure

Thanks to BarkWorld Expo sponsor, Suburu.  We got a chance to drive to  our favorite conference

Another sponsor, PocketFinder tracked out journey via GPS.

Everyone at BarkWorld received a copy of my second book courtesy of Natural Balance 

I got to see my friends again.  Can you find me in there?  Thanks to Sponsor, Best Friends Pet Care

Humom taught a few pals how to use Twitter and other social networks

Sadly, I missed the third annual BarkWorld Expo.  
I was a sad puppy too.  Missed seeing my pals.

This year, I'm hoping to have sponsor Pruven, from 3M!  Get me to BarkWorld in style!

If you'd like to see me there... RT this post and help me out.  Thanks pals.  I look forward to seeing you this year.