Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nala is trying to win cash for homeless pets. Please help! #contests #sweepstakes

Petfinder is ringing in 2013 by celebrating the luckiest adopted pets around. 

Well, If you recall, Nala was one of the #Straysinthehood  
She went from sleeping outside, afraid of everything and everyone to one of the most pampered
pets around. 

Nala and Precious get along really well.  Their temperaments are very similar.

Which was why we decided early on to keep her. 

I just love watching her come out of her shell. 

Although she had a rough time at first fitting in. 

 She had no problem embracing the good life.  

Please log in and vote for Nala

If she  wins, a  $5,000 donation will go to Pitbull rescue of Oklahoma.

Vote for Nala

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rocky & Nala Adventures @Petco

Rocky & Nala had Grooming Appointments at Petco 

I decided to take them on a trip through the isles.   
Rocky was very impressed.

Nala's tail was tucked, but she was showing happy face smelling all of the smells.

Rocky tried to 'er test out the Natural Balance 
(Precious has similar photos, except she fits under the shelf)

More fun. 

So proud of them both. Rocky's report card from the groomer was 
that he was much improved.   
(The first time he was not happy & he took a poop on their floor) 

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Deuce has a wonderful new family

Congratulations to Deuce!  
I can't tell you how happy I am for this little dog. 

After Deuce showed back up to our home last week, I re-posting him on
Just six days after posting him, I received an email asking if he was still available.  
I sent the video of Deuce and she and her kids fell in love with Deuce.

The good news the following day was they wanted to do a test with him over the weekend.

Saturday morning, Deuce and I set out on a journey to his new home.  
During our drive, he rested his head on my hand.  

I think he was trying to thank me while forgiving me for the first adoption mistake.

Deuce's new home is beautiful. Like the Jeffersons, Deuce is moving on up!  

 The backyard is even more beautiful.  He was a sport right off the bat.  Came into the house and was calm and cool as we talked about him and I got a chance to meet the family.

The young kids came out to play as Deuce got familiar with his new back yard.  He got a little obsessed with the little girl, and I was a little nervous, but he calmed down a bit and once back in the house, Deuce followed the kids to get a tour of his new digs.

This morning (Monday) I just had to know how things went over the weekend.  Was my boy on his best behavior?  Did they love him as much as we do and as much as he deserved?


The email I received from his new HuMom was a great one.  They took him to Petco and he sleeps in the bed with them.  Just like he likes. 

These are photos his new family sent.  Doesn't he look happy?!  

Deuce in his persistence  taught me not to settle for anything less than what's right.
   Deuce refused to be mistreated or ignored.  From the first home he escaped from, to the second one.  Each time he came to us to get it right.  I'm happy to say, we did.

What a handsome boy.  

Congratulations Deuce!