Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deuce Brindle Pitbull Needs a Forever Home: Tulsa, OK

We rescued Deuce along with three other strays last fall. 

We decided to keep Nala, the female.  Rocky (male) was adopted, then brought back after a landlord issue. 

Deuce was also adopted and just as we were getting our schedule down with all three of our dogs, Deuce showed up.

The other day, Deuce was outside our house cold and hungry. An escape artist or needing to escape?  We'll never know. 

Deuce really deserves to be in a safe and loving home. He gets along with other dogs, but he and our other rescued male don't get along. 

He loves Rocky, but Rocky is aggressive towards him. (it goes back to their stray days fighting over Nala, the female). 

We're now keeping Rocky and Deuce apart.  Nala is great with both of them and provides much needed exercise fun. (We owe her some extra treats) 

Deuce is a great cuddle buddy, He and Precious get along well and he's great at just chilling with her. 

Deuce also loves to go for rides, walks, run, and play in the backyard.  He usually wins the tug of war. 

Oh, & he loves water.  Get the water hose out to fill the water dish or water the garden, Deuce will amuse himself chasing the water stream.  The groomer says he enjoyed his bath.  

He's got a bit of separation anxiety, but with exercise, training, and a regular routine, he will get used to how you live. 

Need to get in shape by walking? Looking for a running partner? Want a playful friend? Want to snuggle? 

Deuce is your guy!

Neutered, Male, approx 40+ lbs, Age: approx 10-12 months 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Strays in the Hood: Look who showed up today.

Well, this is something I didn't expect to see or experience when I finished feeding Nala and Rocky this morning.  

Part of our morning routine is after the big dogs eat and poop in the morning, they come back in the warm garage to sleep until the day warms up a bit.  

This morning, Rocky was unusually barking and hitting the door this morning.  (normally he's totally crashed)

I also hear a neighbor dog barking, so I go to let Rocky and Nala out so they can investigate.  
When I opened the door, they ran right for the neighbor dog to find out what was going on. Then, Nala sprinted to the other side of the fence and started barking.  Rocky followed soon after.

I looked out to see what or who they were barking at...  Is that?...... Deuce?!  

OMG!  I call for him, but he doesn't come to the fence.   I come back inside to put on some shoes to get a closer look, and sure enough.... It's Deuce!!!

He was very nervous at first, but once I came out to the front of the house, he came right up to me and was very glad to see me.  

I fed him and let him in the house to warm up.  (Remember, Rocky is not a fan of his so I couldn't let him just go play) 

I went through my phone and email archives to locate his adopted dad's info.   I sent a text, and an email.  Letting him know that Deuce (aka Marley. They renamed him) was here. That was 9am.  
It is now 1:37PM.

I don't know about you, but if one of my dogs was missing, I would be going crazy to find them.   When Precious got lost a few years ago, I had fliers all over college campus where she got out. 

My mom has said, something must be wrong with his new home if he's getting out & we should try to find him a new home.  Trying to get my brother in TX to pick him up.  He lost his dog a few years ago  and hasn't replaced him.  

What do do?

What do you think?    

Update:  1/27/2013 Still no word from the adopted people.  To tell the truth, if they contacted us now, they would not get Deuce back.    We now need to find Deuce a new home.

Take a look at the best of Deuce.