Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dog vs Smartphone

So, this happened.

Only days after I received my new Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Mr. Rocky found it.  

Does he look like he's sorry?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Precious and Rocky: A strange Pair

For those of you who have met Precious, you know she is much more interested in the humans than she is other animals.  Although we had two Sr. Dogs when she was a puppy, Precious has been the only dog for a long time.

Enter, Rocky and Nala.  Both big dogs love Precious. She is teaching them how to be spoiled pets and they appreciate her for it.

Precious on the other hand simply tolerates the big dogs.  Much like Shadow and Sheba did her when she was a puppy.   As long as she doesn't miss out on her walks, treats, or attention she's cool.

It does seem, however, that Precious tends to like Nala more than she likes Rocky.   Much to the chagrin of Rocky, who does everything in his power to be like Precious.

It's quite funny (and a bit uncomfortable) to see Rocky as Lap dog, but that is his desire at all times.

I caught this photo of Rocky making himself comfortable in Precious' bed... while Precious was in it.

It was the first time.... Precious just let it happen.

Monday, December 3, 2012

From Stray to Gourmet , Nala

Nala has had an upset tummy today.  She threw up yesterday and today at the same time.  

Took her to the vet today to have her checked out.

They re-tested for Parvo-negative
They did blood work and fecal - negative

Hmm what could be upsetting her tummy? 

They gave her a shot and some meds and said to put her on a clean food diet. 

Nala, was a sweet girl at the vet

She was a little scared getting in the door, but quickly relaxed and let the Dr. find out what was going on.

Hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.