Monday, October 29, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nala Update

Nala is learning to sit and stay..... and hypnotize

I haven't posted about Nala lately.  She's doing fine.  Enjoying her new life.   
She is an amazing athlete, and has worked wonders with exercising Rocky. 

While she seems pretty chill, she is the one that instigates the rough housing.  She loves to run, so she makes Rocky chase her... where she proceeds to run circles around him.  (I promise I'll get it on tape soon)

This was the best shot.  I stepped away to grab something and came back to this seemingly innocent scene.
I'm still not sure who did what, but they all look pretty guilty. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Strays in the Hood: Rocky Update

Hey Pals,
I haven't been posting updates about Rocky because 1. He's spoken for. Our cousin in Norman, Ok wants him when he's ready.  and 2.  While Rocky was the first dog to warm up to us, he's been the last to fully come around.  

Rocky's first time in the house, He went straight to the couch.
Truly the rebel, Rocky would come over to eat, sleep in our garage, leave us nice gifts in the backyard (poop joke), but we couldn't get him to stay around at night.  He would sleep and eat here, but at night, he'd jump the fence to our neighbor's yard.  
After Deuce found his furever home, we've been able to spend more time with Rocky.  Before, we had to shuffle them in the house, garage, and backyard.  Deuce and Rocky didn't get along so well.  But Rocky and Nala are best buds, so keeping him in the family is so exciting. 

Man, do we need another one of these beds
The big challenge has still been how to make Rocky stay overnight and not want to escape.
We realized that him sleeping all day, left him pretty restless at night.  Since he's not in love with the leash, going for a walk with him is not an option.   
He didn't like the soccer ball, all of the stuffed toys would be quickly de-stuffed, but we did learn he likes squeaky toys. 

Yesterday, I bought a KONG Extreme for him and a KONG airdog bone and I'm happy to say, both worked.

He stayed there for a few seconds.  Mr. Restless just couldn't stay still for too long.
During the day, I'd purposely wake him up to play, Brought Nala in and out of the yard, so he'd get excited and want to play.  I froze some of his favorite treats in the KONG and waited.
Last night, I gave him a KONG and Nala her KONG.  She got busy on hers, he was still pretty fidgety, but he noticed how much fun she was having.  A nice growl from her let him know he was not going to get hers. 

 As I was ready to go to bed.  I grabbed his KONG and put it in the garage.  We didn't hear a peep from him.  He scratched on the door @ 3am.  I think to remind me that I'd left the light on.  I turned the light off and we didn't hear from him again.

He's had breakfast, and is now in the backyard with Nala (napping).    I know these are baby steps, but whew what an awesome baby.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Strays in the Hood: Deuce Finds his Furever Home! #Deuceinthehouse

I'm so excited to announce that Deuce has his furever home!

Yesterday, Deuce and Precious went for a walk in the park 

Then, we drove out to Petco to get them both groomed.   Our friends at Petco were shocked to see me
walk in with Precious..... and a pitbull, then they quickly fell in love with Deuce.

I told them the story of the Strays in the Hood and let them know that Deuce needed to find a furever home if they knew of anyone who was interested.

When I returned to pick them up, I was told that one of the Petco employees was interested in adopting Deuce.

Richard needed to double check with his family, but after seeing the photos and videos of Deuce, he confirmed that they would love to have him.   

Today, I drove Deuce to his furever home that he will share with his humans, and two other dogs who will be introduced gradually.   

As soon as he walked in the house, Deuce was at home.  He jumped on the couch (photo above) and knew he was home.

Although we got attached to Deuce and we'll miss him, 
I'm so happy for him and Richard.  They are going to have years of fun and love. 

Here's a video montage of Deuce's trip to his furever home... and a photo montage of his journey thus far.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love Conquers Fear #Straysinthehood

Nala has a new bed.  

She didn't exactly "Fit" in Precious' bed although she tried every night.

Precious couldn't wait to return the favor.

Deuce decided to join in on the fun.  

Nala doesn't mind sharing.  

I'm in total awe at how these two dogs went from being too afraid to eat or be around people.. to 
sleeping in comfy dog beds (and the couch).  They are so sweet and loving it saddens me to think of how much running they had to do and how afraid they had to be.
I'm very happy for both of them that they have found this life.   We're still looking for someone to adopt Deuce, but in the meantime.  He will enjoy the good life here.

What have I learned from this experience? 

Love Conquers Fear

Update: 10/13/201 Deuce found his furever home.

Update 12/9/2012: Rocky is now a member of the snuggle club in our home. After Rocky's adoption didn't go through, We didn't hesitate to add him to our family.  It seems that's how it was meant to be all along. 

Update 2/4/2013: Deuce showed back up outside.  Apparently, we didn't get his adoption the way he wanted.  We found him a wonderful home with a family with kids who love him.  So many lessons. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Strays in the Hood: Nala has her furever home!

Well, I'm sure everyone one saw this coming.   Nala has found her furever home and it's right here in our home!   Precious and I went out to buy her a new bed and her PetHub tag arrived in the mail today.  

Nala is so laid back and chill when she's in the house, but when she plays with Deuce she runs like a greyhound.  We love seeing her personality develop.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Strays in the hood: Deuce the Brindle Pitbull

Guess who's all spoiled rotten and ready to be adopted. It's Deuce! Deuce has recovered well after being neutered last week. His energy level has not changed a bit.

Already spoiled, Deuce now has a place on the couch.

Ready to jump in the car and ride where ever you want to go

Awww, Look at that face.  

His first long walk on the leash, Deuce did a great job.  He got a little freaked out by a few bikers, but by the third one, he was cool.  He did a great job of walking next to me, but he really wanted to run.  

Note:  I haven't posted a lot about Nala because it looks like we're keeping her :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strays in the hood: Deuce, a Brindle Pitbull loves to play Soccer

Deuce is a very energetic doggie.  He never seems to run out of energy.
He loves to play soccer.

He went on his first long walk on the leash today.  He did very well.
He is already house trained and is really chill when he's in the house with humans and Precious.

Sorry, he's already spoiled and loves attention.

Update: 10/4/2012 Deuce was neutered today.  Thanks to SpayOk. He is feeling great and is resting comfortably.  He'll be ready to be adopted as soon as he is fully recovered.

Strays in the Hood: Look who's wearing a collar.

We were finally able to get a collar on Rocky.

He's still not quite ready for the leash or staying in the backyard for any period of time.
Baby steps.

Update 10/4/2012.  Rocky came by this morning.  The collar is gone.  :(  He stayed in the backyard for a few hours with Nala, but he jumped the fence.  Not sure we'll ever get him to come around.  We'll keep trying.