Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strays in the Hood: Meet Rocky (Video) #Adopt

Rocky needs a good home.  He would probably be better in a one dog family, or with someone who understands the pack mentality and has time and patience to train him.  In the streets he had to be very cautious, but as you can see... Rocky is a sweetie.

We have a few people who have shown interest in Rocky, but if you fall in love with him, don't hesitate to message us here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strays in the Hood: Nala has surgery

Hey everyone,
I wanted to update you all.
NALA had her surgery today thanks to  What a wonderful service right here in the hood.    
In addition, she's got all of her shots and rabies vaccine.  

A little sick to her stomach, but just as sweet.  I think everyone at SpayOk fell in love with her.

While Nala was out today, we learned a little more about Deuce.  He does not like to be left alone.
We brought him in the house for a while and he went to sleep.  He and Precious co-existed.  I think he would have done anything just to be with us.

Nala is resting comfortably in the garage... She'll sleep in the house tonight and Deuce will have the garage.  (it's supposed to rain).

Stray dog shuffle :)  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Precious

Just in case you're thinking "Where's Precious" in all of this talk of strays in the hood.  Have no fear.  Precious is still the #1 dog around these parts.  

In fact, this weekend, Precious celebrated her 10th birthday.

She got to do all of her favorite things.

First a trip to Mohawk Park
A ride in the car

A trip to The Dog Dish
A new T-Shirt
A trip to Petco
I'm a bird watcher
Pony up to the treat bar
Picking out treats

Then, we topped it all off at a Pet Friendly hotel in Norman, OK.  
Do not disturb

Strays in the hood: The Belly Rub


While Rocky is still pretty much a rebel, we have found at least one weakness.   The belly rub.

He will just plop down and assume the position.  

Not quite ready for the backyard yet.  We discovered he'd been helping Deuce dig a hole under the fence.
Each had done a pretty stellar job.  :) 

Rocky wants to be free to roam and wants free belly rubs.   For now, he has both.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Strays in the Hood: Meet Nala and Deuce

After a few days and nights safe in our backyard, Nala and Deuce are comfortable and happy.

I shot a quick video of Deuce playing with his new toys.  (obvious puppy behavior ensues)
Nala, isn't play motivated.  She's more of a snuggle doggie.

Rocky still comes around to eat and get a little attention, but he's not ready to trust just yet. That's ok, we'll give him more time.

Nala and Deuce are scheduled for Spay/ Neuter over the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to adopt one or both, please email.

Note: Because they play a little rough, Precious doesn't get to rumble with them.  Plus, she's quite bored with them and doesn't seem to mind that they are in her backyard.  

Update:  09/30/2012 - We have discovered.  It takes 0.6 seconds to spoil a dog.  Both Nala and Deuce prefer being in the house under our feet.  Since Nala just had her surgery, we've been playing the doggie shuffle.  When one goes out, the other comes in.    They are already house trained.

Deuce, who does not like to be alone, is scheduled for his surgery this Thursday.

Precious is ok with them and vice versa.  I think they respect her status.  I still don't think she's too pleased with the big dogs being in the house, but she has been a gracious hostess.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Strays in the hood

Hey Pals,

My Humom has been caring for and feeding a few neighborhood strays.  The story is a bit comical and a sad state of animal welfare at the same time.

A few months ago, my grand humom's newspaper was missing.  (not a good thing for the newspaper guy)  When she called to gripe, the newspaper guy assured her that he had delivered her beloved news paper, and suggested that the two pit bulls sleeping outside her patio might have taken it.

Pit bulls?!  We don't have any pit bulls.  (or so we thought)

The guy who cuts the grass came by a few weeks later and said.  Did you know you have two pit bulls hanging out at your house?

By this time we had figured it all out.  A while back, a neighbor's dog got out of the yard and was missing for a while.  It turns out, he connected with a pack of stray dogs and now that he is back home (and tied up in the backyard YUK), the strays just come to him.  

Via a series of broken fences, low traffic side streets, and a wooded trail and park near by.  These dogs know the neighborhood better than the humans who live here.

After seeing a neighbor throwing rocks at one of the strays, humom decided to call him Rocky and start feeding him.   It turns out, Rocky is much like the character in the movie.  Hard on the outside, but a big softy on the inside.

Rocky July 2012

Rocky was very leery of humans (rightly so)  but would eat a treat from humom's hand, and wouldn't even bark when he saw me through the fence.   As you can see, Rocky was pretty thin.

We tried to contact the pet rescue services in the area to see if someone could come to get Rocky as we knew he would be a good adoption candidate.

No one could really help until he could be corralled.

Eventually, Rocky brought his girlfriend to meet us.   We call her Nala because she looks like the female lion from the Lion King.

We tried to corral them to allow someone to come pick them up.  Rocky jumped the fence before we could complete the phone call.  He didn't want to be corralled.   Nala is a sweetheart.  She closes her eyes when you pet her.  She loves attention.

Rocky and Nala September 2012

Two weeks ago, the stray dynamic changed completely.... Nala was in heat.  Other stray dogs were hanging out around here, and one was not nice.  He would growl at us and jump our fence if we tried to get Nala in our yard.   Our yard was now a canine house of ill repute.  Yikes!

We had no choice but to call the city's animal control and open a case.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) we've not heard back from the city.    Where we live there are a lot of strays.  People just don't understand that they should spay and neuter their dogs and there are just too many dogs tied up in backyards with little to no attention and care.  So I'm sure the city doesn't see stray dogs in this area as a priority. 

Now that her cycle is over, we're afraid Nala will soon be pregnant.  We're hoping to get her to the spay clinic before it happens, but while we can get her close she's still very suspicious to get too close for too long.

  aaaand  now we have another regular.

Limpy  (grand humom hates that name). Started coming around just before Nala went into heat, but Rocky is obviously the alpha dog and Limpy (named because he had a limp when all of the heat bruhaha was going on.  We now call him Deuce) 

Deuce 2012

Limpy Deuce looks to be an American Mastiff. Pitt Bull He has a collar on and has been watching the other dogs come to our house and now he comes in to eat and play.  (He likes the ball)  I have posted Limpy  Deuce to the Tulsa Humane Society's lost and found page and on humom's Facebook profile since he was found in the neighborhood.  Hopefully his owner has been looking for him.   He's starting to outgrow that collar though.  So he's been in the streets for some time.

Nala September 2012

Well, they've all been fed twice today and have had human time and attention.  Limpy  Deuce, Nala, and Rocky all need good homes with people who will treat them well.  Rocky may need to be kept in a garage or a yard with a high fence for a while until he gets used to being someone's dog.  But he will get used to it.  Nala and Deuce are ready for loving homes now.  They have all come a long way in trusting humans.    They just need a little love. 

If you or if you  know someone who can help.  Please email me Imajackrussell@gmail .com

Update: Click on Newer Posts to see the rest of their journey.  They are strays no more.