Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in California! Traveling with @Imajackrussell

Look closely, you'll see Precious' pal Lizie 
Precious and I are back in California for a couple of months while I teach social media and other marketing classes for UCR.

Precious has been traveling since she was a puppy, but even the most seasoned pet traveler needs to follow a few steps. Here is a list of steps I take before traveling with Precious.

 1. Reservations. A good, safe trip starts with the reservation. Understanding the airline's pet travel policy is a must. Southwest Airlines is the airline I go to first. 1. because they don't have bag fees for the first two bags, and 2. Their pet rate is only $75.00 each way.

 2. Check Layovers: Traveling from Oklahoma to California almost always includes a stop over. When I'm traveling with Precious, I try to schedule longer layovers to give us time to go out of the airport, take a walk, and go back through security.

3. Travel certificate. While I have never been asked for a copy, I never want it to be the first time and I not have one. Plus it's always good to notify your vet that you are traveling.

4. Walk, Walk, Walk. A happy Jack Russell is a tired Jack Russell. (True for most breeds) Before the flight, I like to go on a long walk with Precious. I've also taken her to doggie daycare prior to traveling so she's worn out and just wants to sleep.

5. Security (TSA) Pets need to be out of their carriers to go through the TSA lines. I take Precious' collar off and carry her through. Pets don't go through the xray thing, but I noticed I had to have a hand swipe this time.

6. On the plane. Precious is a great traveler, she understands that all she can do is go to sleep in that little space. So that's what she does. As long as your pet can see/smell YOU, they should be ok.

7. The layover. Some airports are great for pets. Others... Not so much. (Las Vegas could use some help) Still, go outside. Get some fresh air. You'll have to go back through security, but it's worth it.

We're Baaaack!  

After a great night of rest for both of us, we hit the familiar trails.  Precious  had a blast chasing prairie dogs, Lizies, and she even found the Rabbits.

Do you travel with your pet?  What are some of your favorite tips?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Hey Pals,
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