Monday, January 23, 2012

Dalmatian Assistance League, Inc Tulsa, OK #pet #Adoption

Our friends at Natural Balance, had such a successful Rose Parade 2012.   Did you see Tillman and his friends surfing?!

Precious and I were happy to blog and tweet about Tillman and the world's longest and heaviest float.

As her payment, Precious scored a bunch of her favorite Tillman Treats.

Precious wanted to make sure she shared her favorite treats with local animals in need here in Tulsa.

During a trip to Pooches Doggie Day Care, I asked if they knew of a local rescue that could use some Tillman treats.
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I was told about the Dalmatian Assistance League, Inc. run by the owners of Pooches.
 How cool is that?!

On our next trip to Pooches, Precious dropped on an assorted case of Tillman treats.  

Check out the video below to learn more about the Dalmatian Assistance League, Inc and meet my new pal Deuce.  He's up for adoption and we want to help get him a furever home this month.  Cameo by Precious aka @Imajackrussell.

Feel free to Tweet this post, or the video to help spread to word about DAL and Deuce!