Sunday, November 27, 2011

#CyberMonday Children's Book Sale

Enjoy Cyber Monday specials on  The Adventures of Precious the Dog children's books.

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The Adventures of Precious the Dog                  The Adventures of Precious the Dog
Precious and Lizie Play Hide and Seek              Precious and The Rabbits Run and Hop

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where is The Precious? @PetHub Will know

If you take a close look at this photo, you'll see evidence of one of the scariest times in the life of  Precious the dog.

Those who have followed @Imajackrussell on Twitter for a while, you will remember April 26, 2010.

The day Precious was lost.   

I'm not sure why she wasn't wearing a tag (My false sense of security perhaps).

Precious is micro-chipped, and I was able to report her missing online, but this particular adventure took place at night when animal shelters are closed and most vets are at home.

The problem (in this case) was while my dog was equipped with a microchip, most people don't have access to high tech micro chip readers. 

I had to resort to the low tech printing signs and flooding the campus where she was last seen.

I was very fortunate that one of the students saw Precious on a very peculiar adventure on campus, took her home, fed her, saw my signs the next morning and called me.

This experience is why I am so excited about Pet Hub's QRcode based dynamic ID Tags.  As more and more people are equipped with smart phones, their exposure to QRcodes and what to do when they see one will increase.   After I registered Precious' new tag, I scanned it with my phone. Within seconds, I received this email message.

** Precious's tag was just viewed by a mobile device ** 

This email is to notify you that the profile for Precious was just viewed by scanning their tag or typing in the web address found on the tag. If Precious is missing, this is your opportunity to update the profile to show important details to help get Precious back to you quickly and safely.  

Edit Precious's profile at:

If the person viewing Precious's profile has GPS enabled and allowed their location to be shared, you will see a map showing their location as provided to us via their mobile device* below.

I didn't include the image of the map, because it was too spot on & Precious is just.. well too precious to risk. :)  

We met the great folks from Pet Hub at BarkWorld 2011, and they were kind enough to  send a smaller size for Precious to test out.  

As you can see it's pink and matches her collar.  I am comforted that if one of Precious' adventures should take her out of my sight again, Pet Hub will be there for someone to scan and let me know they have found The Precious. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frenchies Love the Books

Thanks to @MamaFrenchie for purchasing a copy of the second book in the series. 

     Precious and the Rabbits Run and Hop.  

I'll take this as an endorsement.  Children's books that fur kids love!  

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