Saturday, December 11, 2010

Made it to Tulsa : The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

Hey pals,
I made it to Tulsa finally after a wonderful journey!

Uncle SJ took me to the airport to pick up HuMom and I was very happy to see her!

We're all home now and I'm in my fav spot under the table while HuMom works on the computer.

Special thanks to my pal Bob for a wonderful adventure and to Robyn for keeping HuMom updated along the way. I can't wait to do it again. hehe

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Road Trip to Tulsa via @UShip Final : The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

Last photo from us for this trip with Precious. Here is your Precious Princess with her Knight in the White Hat!! This one was taken in Claremore when he picked up the horse. As you can tell, she would have liked to have spent more time outside, but it was time to roll to get her home to your moms house!!! Have a safe flight, can't wait for the updates to her blog!!!

Thanks so much, happy trails, Robyn and Bob!!

Here is your precious princess enjoying her warm, cozy spot in the back seat. Notice that she has the sunny side. We are going to miss her, she should be to your moms before 3:00 is my guess!! Robyn and Bob

Bob is now out of Claremore and on his way to Tulsa. He is going across the 20, then down the 75, kind of coming in the back way!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Road Trip to Tulsa via @UShip Thursday afternoon update : The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

Newest photo update of Precious enjoying the cool weather in Ozark Missouri. As you can tell by her expression, she is not impressed by the browning grass and leaves on the property!!! LOL

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Road Trip to Tulsa via @UShip Ozark MO : The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

Good Morning, here are your travelers comfortably settled in on the bench seat of Bobs truck. They are getting along well, but as you can see, Bob makes sure that they have their own spaces!!!

He is already in Missouri and traveling to Ozark Missouri, then down to Purdy where the pups will vacation for a day before they continue on their great adventure!!

Precious is the queen, and Sammy is her king!!! Hope you enjoy the updates as much as I enjoy sending them. Robyn and Bob

Mid - Day update Thursday

Hi again, just for the most current update, Precious is getting ready to roll into Missouri. I forgot to tell you that she has added a new skill that we did not know about. She is smart enough to unzip the zipper on her soft sided carrier!!! Bob was pretty amazed at how clever she is, he has no idea how smart Jack Russells are!!! Robyn

Road Trip to Tulsa via @UShip Weatherford TX : The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

This is actually Yesterday's update:

Hi, I have asked bob again to get fresh pics of precious!!! I know they are in Weatherford Texas and should be back on the road now. She spent a few hours snuggled up with him in the sleeper area of our trailer. He said she splept next to his head!!! Sure wish we had a picture of that!!! Hope you are well, and not missing her too much. She will have a Basset Hound traveling with them for a day, his name is Sammie and he is getting prepped with a nice bath to make his trip. I will talk or e-mail with you soon. Robyn

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Road Trip to Tulsa via @UShip Lawton, AR: The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

Good Evening, Time for a Precious update!! It is 10:00 o'clock in Amarillo, Texas and do you know where your puppy is ?

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Absolutely, she is in her bed, in her sweater, licking her chops!!! (She snuck another one of Bobs home-made oatmeal/coconut cookies). She will travel for another four hours, then gets to snuggle down for more sleep in Lawton Arkansas. Robyn with JT Transport

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Road Trip to Tulsa via @Uship Gallup, NM The Adventures of Precious the Dog

Good Morning, Well, here she is in all of her Precious splendor!!! Bob quickly figured out that she is a food fan, and he is letting her have some carrots along the way. She got out this morning and went potty just like the little lady that she is and as soon as she was done, jumped right back in the truck.

I hope you enjoy the picture!!! Precious is in Gallup NM this morning. Sunny and cold.

Look forward to talking to you soon. Robyn and Bob with JT Transport

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Road Trip to Tulsa via @UShip : The Adventures of Precious the Dog:

Hey Pals,
As you know my Humom and I have been in California for a few months while she teaches classes.

Now It is time to head back to Tulsa. Unfortunately, HuMom hurt her back and is trying to recover. She has chosen to send me back to Tulsa via UShip. The kind folks at JTEquineTransport are taking good care of me.

I get to ride with Bob, and Robyn keeps HuMom up to date via email and photos.

You can follow my adventures here.

I'll also post to my Facebook and Twitter accounts
Precious The Dog.

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